Home Garden Memorials

We would like to offer our Clients, a complimentary, granite home/garden memorial, with every new memorial order.

Memorial Types

Ken Slater Memorials, can supply and install memorials, in all metropolitan and rural cemeteries, in South Australia.

Memorial Restoration

Ken Slater Memorials perform all types of memorial restorations, in metropolitan and rural cemeteries, through South Australia.

Monuments for Adelaide


Not only do we offer quality memorials at competitive prices, but on request, we will supply a beautiful, Home / Garden memorial, free of charge.

One of our memorials in AdelaideThe complimentary Home / Garden memorial that we offer to our Clients is a highly polished granite, sloper memorial. It is supplied free of charge with each new memorial order.

The Home / Garden Memorial is a wonderful way to be able to turn your home or garden into a place of remembrance for your loved ones.

Why not memorialize your loved ones in the home or garden, as well as the Cemetery.

The Home / Garden Memorial includes Inscription (lettering) and motif (artwork). It measures 300mm X 200mm X 150mm.

If you would like to contact us about any of the Memorials, provided by Ken Slater Memorials, please contact us

Memorial Types

Ken Slater Memorials offer a large range of memorial types that include:

  • Lawn tablets – For Enfield Memorial Park, or, add a granite tablet to an existing, traditional memorial.
  • Sloper memorials – For Enfield Memorial Park (Western Rose Garden), or, Centennial Park  Cemetery, (sloper memorial sections), or, add a granite sloper to an existing, traditional memorial.
  • Headstones and bases – We can supply and install a large range of headstones and bases, with many different granite types and styles, to choose from.
  • Canopy style memorials – We can supply and install, a large range of these memorial types, for many different ethnic and religious denominations.
  • Designer lawn type memorials – We can supply and install these memorial types, in a traditional or custom design.
  • Vault memorials – Our experienced Stonemasons have a vast knowledge of installing these often large and specialised memorial types.
  • Full cover monuments – A large range of granite types and styles to choose from, where the client, requests that no concrete foundations be visible, rather polished granite instead.

Memorial Restoration

Our Memorial restoration services, performed by experienced Stonemasons, include:

  • Regilding and repainting of lettering – We use only 23 carat gold leaf, for the regilding of inscriptions, ensuring that the lettering can withstand adverse weather conditions and stand the test of time.
  • Cleaning of memorials – Our Stonemasons are knowledgeable and experienced, in specialised cleaning techniques, especially with older, white marble memorials, as well as modern granite and stone memorials.
  • Replacing granite and marble chippings – Often the removal of old granite or marble chippings, that may have become soiled and unsightly over time and replacing with new chippings, can lift and refreshen a memorial.
  • Repairs and rebuilding of memorials – Our experienced Stonemasons, can perform a wide range of repairs and rebuilding of memorials, restoring the memorial, to look new again.
  • New foundations and floors – We only install, steel, reinforced concrete foundations and can replace concrete floors that may have suffered cracks, or sunk, over time.